Study Abroad

Everywhere you go in Tunisia it feels like you are stumbling over something historic. Our study abroad program is uniquely focused on areas of study that you can experience for yourself in Tunisia. We offer study in the following disciplines: North African History, Mediterranean Civilization, Early Christian History, and Arabic Language Study. 

Are you a student looking for an opportunity to study off campus for a semester? Or maybe a professor looking to bring a group of students for a week long tour of ancient Roman sites throughout North Africa? We can make a program that works for you.

Christian Heritage Tours

Few people think of North Africa as the home of Christianity but the life of the Early Church grew and developed so rapidly in North Africa that the effects are still felt today. Ancient Carthage was the center of Christian theological development for much of the Roman world for centuries.

If you're interested in learning about the Canonization of Scripture, the lives of early theologians like Augustine and Tertullian, the advancement of early Christian identity and thought then North Africa is the place to visit. Whether you're interested in a one day crash course into Christian History by touring ancient Carthage or you want a week long trip throughout the country seeing several significant Christian sites, we have something to accommodate your needs.


Arabic can be a daunting language for non-native speakers. We want to take what you already know (even if that's just English) and use that as a springboard to advance you further. Whether you are just starting out in Arabic, have years of experience in another dialect or studied Modern Standard Arabic in college, we can help you further your ability to understand and communicate in Tunisian Derja. We provide week long crash courses to get you started, and month long intensives that can propel anyone to the next level. We also offer proficiency and assessment testing using the ACTFL scale.

Adventure Tours

Do you want to hike a verdant mountain one day, discover a secluded beach spot then next and then take a quad bike or camel trip through the sandy desert the day after? Tunisia has an extremely varied environment that lends itself to some amazing outdoor adventures. What do you want to explore?